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[ON-LINE AUDITION] Recommend your friends 'Sokdak Sokdak Audition'

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작성일 20-04-24


 Sokdak Sokdak* Audition by KOZITION.

Tell me about your friends.

*Korean word for gossiping 


We are opening ‘Sokdak Sokdak Audition’.

Recommend your friends to the audition.

Introduce your favorite friends to be the next star!

- Friends with tons of talent

- Friends with good looking appearance

- Friends talented in Singing, Dancing, Rapping, and Producing

Be part of KOZITION by proposing your born to be gifted friends. 

You will be awarded with a special gift

if the person you recommend signs trainee contract with KOZ.

Looking forward for your applications.

| How to 

1. Send info below DM to KOZ AUDITION SNS or send message @kozaudition(Kakao)

2. Friends Info(name/age/contact no. or social network account) & Photo or Video


KOZ official website | http://www.kozofficial.com/

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Kakao | @kozaudition


- No due date for this audition

- No restrictions on Nationality, Age, and Gender

- Results will be notified within 2 weeks to individuals who pass the audition.

| Privacy Policy

Please be reminded that by applying, you and your recommendee agree to the Privacy Policy of KOZ Entertainment.

Please be sure to enter the information with the consent of the recommendee in advance.

The content you send will never be leaked outside or used for any other purpose than its intended purpose.