koz entertainment

Online Audition

Online Audition

Application Field Singer, Producing
E-MAIL kozaudition@kozent.com
Support method Download the application from the link and send to us.

[ Download the application ]

Vocal : Please send a video of you singing without the background music.

- 1 verse (Around 1:30 mins)

- Make sure to film in a bright setting with you facing the camera

Rap: 1 min of rap

- Video of you in a bright setting facing the camera

Dance: 1 min of choreo

- Video of you in a bright setting with a full body shot


- Copy of your demo


- Video of you introducing yourself in a bright setting.

※ Please send us your applying section/name/age/region under the e-mail subject [KOZ AUDITION]

※ Please note that the application may be automatically withdrawn if the form you sent is incorrect.

※ Able to apply in both auditions simultaneously.