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    Application Period
    - The application period varies depending on the city.
    - Check out the details on the SCHEDULE tab or KOZ AUDITION Social Media.
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    - Anyone born in 2006 and later.
    - Any nationalities and genders
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    Vocal, Rap, Dance, Composition, Musical Instrument (Choose 1)
    - Vocal, Rap: Singing without music
    - Dance: Please bring your own music on a cellphone
    - Composition: Please bring your own work file and play it on-site
    - Musical Instrument: Bring your own musical instrument and perform it on-site

    * Performances for all categories should be within one minute
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    Audition Process
    1. Complete the application form through Google Forms on the KOZ website during the pre-application period.
    2. Receive a confirmation email for the on-site global audition.
    3. Attend the on-site global audition on the specified date mentioned in the email.

    * Please make sure to check the following <Announcement> down below.
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    - The 2023 KOZ GLOBAL AUDITION is an offline event. Please check the city where the audition will be held.
    - Walk-in applicants are not accepted.
    - Further details about the audition will be individually sent via email only to those who pass the 1st online pre-applications.
    - Applicants who don’t meet the qualifications will not receive separate email notifications.
    - Remember to bring a valid form of identification: ID card, passport, student ID card, or certificate of family relations. Failure to bring your ID will result in being unable to proceed with the audition.


  • Q. Is it possible to submit applications for multiple cities? 더보기 더보기
    Duplicate applications are not allowed. Please select only one city when applying for the audition.
  • Q. I was born in 2006, but my birthday has already passed. Can I still apply? 더보기 더보기
    Yes, anyone born in 2006 can apply. (Birthdate doesn't matter.)
  • Q. Can we apply as a team? 더보기 더보기
    No, only individual applications are accepted for this audition.
  • Q. Can I modify my application after submission? 더보기 더보기
    You can revise your application during the pre-application period using Google Forms, but no changes can be made after the deadline.
  • Q. Can I use a musical instrument when I sing? 더보기 더보기
    Yes, you can use your own musical instrument, but it should be within one minute, including setup time.
  • Q. Can I play MR/instrumental when I sing during the audition? 더보기 더보기
    No, you can’t play any MR/instrumental except applying for dancing and composing.
  • Q. Can I bring any other form of ID apart from an ID card, passport, or student ID card? 더보기 더보기
    Please bring an ID that clearly verifies your identification. We don’t accept the homepage of your school or your social media accounts as a valid form of ID.
  • Q. Where and when will the audition be held? 더보기 더보기
    Further information about the audition including the location, date, and preparation details, will be notified individually to those who pass the 1st online applications via email.
  • Q. When will the results be notified to applicants? 더보기 더보기
    We will individually contact those who have passed the audition via email within 1 month from the global audition date.
    * Please understand that we don’t contact applicants separately who did not pass the audition.
* If you have any further questions, please contact us via our audition email (kozaudition@kozent.com).